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Part 1. You should know the criteria that I am going to use to grade your exams, so here it is: Each essay question is worth 50 points. To get 100% of those 50 points you must exceed expectations. In order to that you must: a. Show complete understanding of the question b. Demonstrate full knowledge of the subject with explanations and examples c. Draw heavily upon material presented in the lectures d. Draw heavily upon material presented in the text books To get 75-90% of those points you must meet expectations. In order to do that you must: a. Show substantial understanding of the question b. Be able to elaborate and explain to some degree c. Show some grasp of the material presented in the lectures and text books To get 60-70% of those points your answer would be below expectations. That happens if you: a. Show only some understanding of the question b. Demonstrate and interpret only basic concepts c. Make little or no reference to the material presented in lectures and text books If you get less than 50% of the available points it is because your response: a. Shows a lack of understanding of the question b. Shows no grasp of the information c. Shows no clear knowledge of the subject matter d. Makes no reference to material in the lectures and textbooks Part 2. Using your textbooks and lecture notes, prepare the following essay questions: Question 1. A. Name three civil liberties protected by the Bill of Rights and explain how the absence of each protection would endanger individual freedom. You need to be specific. For example, if discussing freedom of speech you need to discuss all forms – protected, unprotected, symbolic, etc. If discussing freedom of religion you need to discuss both clauses and use examples . If discussing the 2 nd Amendment you need to discuss both sides of the gun control issue. If discussing any of the other amendments you need to discuss all aspects of the amendment and any modern issues which arise. B. Name two forms of discrimination that have been controlled by either later (post-1790) amendments and/or by legislation. You have lots to discuss here. For example, the Civil War amendments (13, 14, 15) or the Progressive Era amendments (16, 17, 18, 19). Pick two forms of discrimination and explain how each amendment addressed them. There are also major pieces of legislation you could discuss, such as the Civil Rights Bill of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 or the Americans with Disabilities Act. Remember that of all the choices you only need two. C. Cite at least two major Supreme Court cases that have advanced civil liberties. Explain why each intervention was necessary to guarantee political equality. We discussed several key cases in class, for example, Gideon v Wainwright, Miranda v Arizona, etc. There are also other cases such as Roe v Wade and Bush v Gore. Pick two and explain what they did or changed. NOTE: You can mention Dred Scott and Plessy v Ferguson, but these did not advance civil liberties or control discriminatio
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