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Chak Fu Lam

CraigDavidPeggyChenMGT335The person that we chose to interview is Elmer he is a 31 year old male who is from El Salvador He has a High school education never attended college is married has children and lives with his family 3 generations in Somerville He is also musician who plays piano and sings Latin music We chose Elmer because he has lived and worked the United States and El Salvador He still has family back home and ventures back whenever he gets the chance He understands the differences in cultures lifestyles and quality and quantity of life in both countries and he has also adapted to life in the states and developed a liking of football and basketball but still prefers soccer Real Madrid Some of the challenges that Elmer encountered when he first moved the United States was language not necessarily the English language but more so idioms and other phrases He would often find himself confused when he would ta
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