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MKT 210 Principles of Marketing Marketing Plan Team Project Overview The Marketing Plan Team Project is worth 25% of your grade in this course. We are using a simulation game, Practice Marketing (, to make team-based marketing decisions for the launch of a new product. Your team will work together to design and market a backpack. You will make decisions regarding target marketing, product design, pricing, promotion, and distribution. There are 6 teams in our class – your team is competing in the marketplace against the other 5 teams. After each decision-making round, we will review the relative performance of the teams. Your grade will be calculated based on your performance on the following components. Component Percentage of Course Grade Training Game Analysis Report 10% Team Game Performance 5% Team Final Report and Presentation 10% Total 25% Training Game Analysis Report (individual assignment) Write a report to document your performance in the training game. What, in a nutshell, was your strategy regarding target market, product design, pricing, retailing, and promotion? What actions did you take that seemed to work? What actions did not work? Why? If you could do the training game again, what would you do differently? What are at least 3 lessons learned about marketing based on your experience in the training game? Refer to a separate document for my answers Team Game Performance Team performance will be assessed in terms of absolute performance over the course of the game (final cash balance) and the cumulative progress over the course of all the turns. Cumulative progress is considered in terms of cash balance, net profit, market share and other performance indicators reported in the simulation. Team Final Report Write a detailed final
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