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Audrey Muci Professor Rosenfeld PHIL-127 Spring 2014 Paper #2 The issue of whether abortion is right or not continues to divide many across the globe. How Marquis argues and defends his position against the claims of personhood theories in abortion. One of the biggest arguments against abortions is the pro-life. This argument seems to satisfy the majority, however, not many elaborate on the reasons for their approach. This is not the case for don marquis. For Marquis, his position against abortion relies on a very straightforward premise; the loss of one’s life is one of the greatest loses one can suffer, it deprives one of all the experiences activities, projects, and enjoyments that otherwise have constituted one future. Based on this argument we can observe that Marquis tries to establish that dead isn’t what the his stand is all about but rather is that abortion takes away the infinite and for many, pleasure possibilities that come along with growing. The premise just mentioned is supported by two considerations; in first place Marquis argument elaborates on the reason why killing is considered by our standards as one of the worst crimes (it deprives the human being from a future) the second consideration involves people who suffer from life threatening diseases like cancer and AIDS and how this individuals who know and acknowledge their dead believe that dying is because of the loss of the future that they could have had the opportunity to experience if it wasn’t for that disease. Marquis acknowledges the different positions towards this issues and the different premises that support the different positions. A feature that is often mentioned by advocates or individuals who are for abortion is the notion of personhood. This notion allows them to challenge the concept that abortion=killing human beings by arguing and defining the concept or when a fetus becomes a person. For Marquis, personhood theories cannot straightforwardly account for the wrongness of killing infants and young children, in his view this theories of personhood appear to serve as proof of how desperately advocates of this theory wants it to work. Furthermore Marquis proposes another argument to sustain his position; the comparison of abortion to the wanton infliction of pain on animals. How Thomson argues and defends her position for abortion in some cases about the thought of pro-life advocates who believe that it is wrong to kill innocent human beings Both arguments starts with the concern of what it is wrong to do to the rest, then both search the characteristic of the wrong action which makes it wrong. The common structure between these two a
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