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Opinion Column George Bush was a born and raised from a politician family and has inherited his experience while he was governor of Texas. His dad was a former president for 4 years. Before him Bill Clinton was president and at the time the United States was at surplus and 0 deficit. However after the bush legacy the country went from surplus to a deficit of 5 billion after the many mistakes he did. He further caused many problems for people living in the states such as jobs, healthcare, civil rights, He took power in 2000 and started the war with Iraq andAfghanistan later. On 2002 they launched a successful invasion of Iraq .The reason was because Iraq had weapon of mass destructions (WMD) and thatAfghanistan was led by al Qaeda and their leader Osama Bin Laden who Bush practically thought they were the masterminds of 9/11. The federal reserve of United States financed this war and the borrowing was taken from china. That’s why the US in 2008 after his re-election in 2004, another 4 years in the war and the huge amount of expenses caused the deficit to become even worse as well as the money they owed China and Japan. That was the foreign policy and the us economy was getting worse causing 23million jobs to be lost, bankers crashed, the automobile industries were almost bankrupt and that was the sign of diving. There was an estimated are 4.9 million moreAmericans living in poverty today than there were in 2000 The situation was similar to the 1930s the year of depression, they were fighting 2 civil wars and the Clinton surplus became into a multi trillion dollar debt. Hundreds of suspected al Qaeda members were taken fromAfghanistan and had been taken to Guantanamo bay. Bush administration stated: ‘ Terror detainees were not protected by the Geneva conventions’. The Geneva Convention does not permit any individual to be taken as captive and being insulted in human ways such as torture and any unethical abuse. As a result of this statement George Bush made many international organizations and even Red Cross that the prisoners were in subject of being tortured. There were 47 millionAmericans living without health insurance in 2006; that’s 8.6 million more uninsured than there were in 2000 In 2001, Bush placed a federal ban on future funding for embryonic stem cell research, which holds the promise of developing cures for Parkinson’s, juvenile diabetes, Alzheimer's, and other degenerative diseases. In 2006, in the first veto of his presidency, he killed a bill expanding funding for stem cell research. In 2007, he again vetoed the Stem Cell Research EnhancementAct. To basically summarize this all he started it with a lie and ended with a lie and it isn’t the first time this has happened In 2002, the National Cancer Institute posted on its Web site the scientific conclusion that there is no link between abortion and breast cancer. The White House removed the analysis and replaced it with a statement that “erroneously suggested that whether abortion caused breast cancer was an open question with studies of equal weight supporting both sides.” Ignoring Civil Rights The Bush administration
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