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Suffolk University
Seminar for Freshmen
Walter J.

SF102A FALL 2012 EXAM 2 REVIEW L. FOGLIA You will take exam two on Friday, November 9 . The exam will be drawn from assignments, classroom notes, and chapters 7, 8, 10, and 14. You should also be familiar with all the terms and definitions we have discussed.Please review everything related to this material. The main focus for each chapter is provided below. CHAPTER SEVEN: Review the Tijuana problem as an example of how nations can cooperate across borders. Have a general idea of how environmental policy works with an emphasis on the three waves of environmental policy. Review the seven step approach to environmental policy. CHAPTER EIGHT: This chapter deals with human population. It deserves a close examination. Review the Malthusian concerns and compare them to a cornucopian view. Be certain to be aware of all the terminology in this chapter. Understand the age pyramids and the implications of the
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