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ADV 206

ADV 206 QUIZ #1 – STUDY GUIDE January 31, 2013 This quiz covers ONLY Chapters 1, 2 and 3 in the text. The objective of the quiz is to determine how well you are keeping up with your reading and your grasp of major subjects and concepts. This quiz does not attempt the test your knowledge of detail. Nor does this quiz test non-text subjects included in class presentations; however, it may include class presentation material that also appears in class. Quiz #1 will have 15 multiple-choice questions – five questions taken from each chapter. You will answer 10 questions out of the 15, your choice, but you must answer at least three (3) questions from each group of five (5). You will indicate your choices by circling the number of the question; each of the 10 questions will be worth 10 points for a total of 100. Extra credit: At your option, you can answer additional questions for one (1) point each. DO NOT CIRCLE THE NUMBER OF YOUR EXTRA CREDIT QUESTIONS. Including extra credit questions, the maximum score of this quiz is 105, excluding any additional extra credit opportunities. For Chapter 1: • You should know: o What advertising is, i.e. what is does essentially. o The basic roles advertising plays in marketing, communications, society and the econom
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