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ADV 208
James Tsao

Chapter 8: Introductory Scenario: Polishing the Apple – • Launch of the iPad • 60 day waiting period to buy product to create buzz (teaser advertising) • “Meet iPad”  what can you do with an iPad, video went viral on YouTube • Modern Family product placement Advertising Plan and its Marketing Context: Advertising Plan – the thinking, tasks, and timetable needed to conceive and implement an effective advertising effort Introduction • Executive Summary – state the most important aspects of the plan, essence of the plan • Overview – sets out what is to be covered, and it structures the context Situation Analysis – most important points and how they are connected in order to explain why you made the decision • Cultural context o Ethnocentrisms – tendency to view and value things from the perspective of ones own clutulre o Self-reference criterion (SRC) – unconscious reference to ones own cultureal values, experiences, and knowledge as a basis for decisions • Historical context • Industry analysis – focuses on developments and trends within an entire industry and on any other factors that may make a difference in how an advertiser proceeds with an advertising plan • Market analysis – complements the industry analysis, emphasizing the demand side
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