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ANT121 Exam 3 Notes

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ANT 121

ANT121: Exam 3 Notes 12/10/2013 9:07:00 AM CCTC Ch. 11: American Indians and Renewable Energy Projects Raymond Orr and David Anderson  Native American communities affected more by climate change, even though are not contributing to it as much as other American communities o Largely located in vulnerable geographic zones  ―humans are one of land’s most essential stewards‖  renewable energy should be developed  climate s also impacts cultural and social activity  reservations could be the new hub for renewable wind energy  alternative energies are expensive, hard for reservations to take advantage of resources  Tension between Native Americans and policy makers because of different priorities—separates tribal traditions from government CCTC Ch. 12: Mayan Farmers & Ancient Tech. LOCAL KNOW. & INDIGENOUS Betty Faust, Armando Anaya-Hernandez, Helga Geovannini-Acuña  Starting new project utilizing old technics in Yucatan Peninsula  Due to climate change unpredictable drought & floor so must figure out how to cope  Big emphasis on talking to elders, people part of Mayan traditions to understand old irrigation technics and implement today  Maize is cash crop in Mexico, recently haven’t been able to rely on corn b/c not predictable b/c climate change so looking at other forms of agriculture.  Need alternative to tractor production b/c causing more problems (oil reserves, etc.)  A lot deforestation so decreases rainfall so revised irrigation system IMPORTANT CCTC Ch. 13: Policy History in Bangladesh  Past policy failures need to be acknowledged when planning for future policy measures  Bangladesh Flood Action Plan 1989-93 (FAP): highly expensive and unsuccessful flood control initiative conceived by outside agencies and resisted by local communities o Plan did not consult the Bangladeshi public or lessons from past flood management methods o Experts failed to understand Bangladesh’s environment and natural resource systems o LESSON: do not underestimate the knowledge of local communities and simply prioritize the knowledge of ―experts‖  Managerialism: policy method that discourages engagement with ideas of the past and present and emphasizes novelty and change  Climate change is causing erosion, land loss, water salinity, crop damage, increase in drought, change in season lengths  Today, local-level adaptation responses are being implemented which raises awareness for the strength of local communities in creating sustainable solutions to local problems CCTC Ch. 15: Drought and Climate Change in Indonesia Yan
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