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ANT 185 Study Guide - Ethnography

2 pages53 viewsFall 2013

Course Code
ANT 185
Van Hollen

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a. International task force formed in 1995 ito examine ethical, social, medical effects
of commercialization of human organs and accusation of human rights abuses in
global market
b. Major concerns:
i. Allegations of use of organs of executed prisoners in china and south
America for commercial use
ii. Illegal trafficking in India
iii. Global rumors of body stealing, child kidnapping, body mutilation to
procure organs
c. Multi-sided Ethnography
i. Began in: Brazil, India, China, South Africa
ii. Later expanded into: eastern Europe, middle east, Latin America,
southern Asia, USA
d. How does an anthropologist do research on illegal, covert lucrative global
i. Ethics an dangers of undercover ethnography
1. “commitment to the primacy of the ethical” (193)
e. Initial key questions
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