COM 107 Study Guide - Final Guide: Ludlow Massacre, Edward Bernays, American Tobacco Company

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18 Jan 2018

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General exam policies: you are expected to know everything that has been covered in lecture or included in any of the assigned readings. Sign and date the exam, but mark all of your responses on the bubble sheet. If you fail to turn in the exam you will automatically fail the exam: you will have the entire class period to complete the exam. Makeup exams: makeups for the exam are only permitted for emergency situations (e. g. loss of family members or sudden illness). If you miss the exam for any reason, i must be notified in advance or as soon as possible. I believe that all of you intend to take this test on your own merits. You should be reminded, however, that the cheating policy in this course is simple: you cheat, you automatically fail both exam and the course. The exam will focus on the material we have covered since exam 2.