HST 112 Final: HST112 Final Exam Study Guide | Spring 2016

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5 May 2016

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Identifications - only 6 will appear, we must answer 3. Ids (nazi plan, italy, russian rev, ussr, satellite states, modern europe/restructuring) East germany blocked routes to berlin, us & allies airdrop supplies. Germany was divided between east and west germany, but berlin (located within east germany) was subdivided as well. Stalin decided to block goods coming into berlin even though western european countries have territories within the capital. The blockade was lifted in 1949 and resulted in two separate german states. Was a crucial beginning event of the cold war. Cause of the founding of the first welfare state (britain) 1945: beveridge writes this saying that gb needs to provide the basics to the people (basic standard of living, minimum wage, medical care, etc. ) Foundation of the welfare state, spreads to other parts of western europe, beginning the drastic role of the state helping the individual.

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