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Syracuse University
Information Studies
IST 195

-Hole in the Wall -Computer w/ internet provided to poor people in India -From telecommunications company -Lesson: power of the internet -MOOC -Massive open online classes -Free online classes -Gamification -Earn points, compete against friends -Promote a brand, website -Can be applied to any industry -Showrooming -People look @ products in store, then buy online -SOPA -Stop Online Piracy Act -Would affect most of the internt: Google, Wikipedia, etc. -Internet blackout in protest -Second screen -Using tablet or phone to supplement what's on TV -Which screen is 2nd? -Social TV -Communication about what you're watching -Buy stuff you see on TV -All in real time -Big Data -Using stats to make choices -Making lots of random numbers valuable -What can we do w/ all this info? -Social media marketing -Klout, twitter, facebook, instagram, foursquare -Build a community -Get feedback -Find jobs -Google Alerts -Lets you know when the results for a search term changes -Privacy tips -Assume nothing is private -Don't post full birthdate, address... -Howard Aiken -First computer -- very big, very heavy -Mark 1 -1944 -305 RMAC -1956 -Much smaller than Mark 1 -5MB of storage -Future(ish) tech -Google Glasses -3D printing -Moore’s law -Every 24 mo., # of transistors/chip doubles, price decreases -End of Moore's law? -Types of computers -PC: personal computer -Windows, Mac -Server: much more powerful PC -Control access to hardware/software -Website, file, gaming, print servers -Mainframe -Financial transactions -Supercomputers -Weather (NOAA), NSA/CIA -Mobile: laptop, phone, tablet -Green computing -Recycle old computers -Virtualization -Diff. users can log on to same server (remotely) -Diff. operating sys. allowed -Allocate resources however you want -Cloud computing -Store all
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