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Definition of the internet- that which you can do anything. Use social media to communicate to people. Social media and technology has disrupted and changed how p olitics works. President bush implemented a 10 year plan to implement electronic health records. Physical files are not as common anymore become electronic. Allows for smoother communication between other health institutions being able to inter-trade health files. Using drones, robots, health sensors, safer gear, and stronger vehicles. Showrooming- go into a physical store and do the transaction online. Harvard professor and he created the harvard of mark 1. 51 feet long and 8 feet tall= first computer. 10 cent calculator today is more powerful than the mark 1. 1956- ibm came out with their super computer (305 ramac) Just over one ton instead of 5 tons. 1971: being able to get on the internet called modem or something like that which was the first advertisement to advertise computers.

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