PSY 205 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Resting Potential, Psy, Axon Terminal

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8 Feb 2017

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PSY 205 Recitation Notes Week 3:
Biological Bases of Behavior
Communication within the neuron
Goal of nervous system:
o Send messages
o Examples: raise right arm, cross your ankles, clap your hands how fast you can
perceive what she is telling us to do and then physically do it
o All of these actions required a complex string of messages to travel between
hundreds of thousands of neurons
o Human brains are estimated to have 100 billion neurons that’s
Communication in the neuron:
o For messages to travel, signals need to be sent from one neuron to the text
o Neurons are discrete units there no direct connection between them
o Communication through an electrochemical process
Message travels within a neuron via electrical signals
Message travels between neurons via chemical signals
Neuron resting potential:
o State of inactive neuron
NOT sending/receiving any signals
o Stable, negative charge
70 millivolts (resting potential where neuron starts out)
o Why is the charge negative?
o Ions:
Sodium Na+
Potassium K+
Chloride Cl-
o Ions flow back and forth across membrane, but at different rates
Higher concentration of negatively charged ions in the cell
Picture *other molecules INSIDE cell that have negative charge are too
large to get in and out through any of the pumps
Neuron depolarization:
o When neuron receives signal, sodium channels in membrane open
o Positively charged Na+ ions rush INTO the cell
o Called DEPOLARIZATION because neuron becomes less negative eventually
becomes positive
When a neuron is becoming depolarized, the neuron is becoming neutral
(more close to zero)
Neuron peak action potential:
o Charge becomes positive, creating an ACTION POTENTIAL
Brief shift in a neuron’s electrical charge that travels along an axon
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