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Identify- describe Learn- predict Determine- explain Create- control 1. Germany; 1 psychological lab- structuralism 2. Humans + Animals mental process- functionalism 3. Unconscious motivations- psychoanalysis 4. Experiences/behaviors- humanism Parkinson- dopamine Alertness- norepinephrine Runner’s High- endorphins Mood- serotonin Large Number/ Questions- Survey Interview/Few People- Case Study Cause/Effect- Experiment Generalization- Correlation Myelin Sheath- Fatty Substance; speed up info down axon Neuron- Impulses in nervous system Dendrites-receive signals from other neurons and relay them Axon- signal sends to dendrites, neurons, cell body etc Cell Body- nucleus; sustains cell’s funtion Parasympathetic: calms- Autonomic Sympathetic- Autonomic Somatic- voluntary
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