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Syracuse University
PSY 205

• This founder of the functionalist movement in psych thought we should study the purpose of consciousness not just its structure: William James • Titchener: structuralism • This technique was used by the structuralists to examine to components parts of consciousness: introspection • Initiated by john Watson, the behaviorist movement argued that psychologists should only study this type of behavior: observable • This professional specialty is currently the largest field in psychology: clinical • Forensic Psychologists: deal with criminals • Rene Descartes • John B. Watson • William James • Edward Titchener • Introspection • Behaviorism • Functionalism • Structuralism • Definition of psych • Psychologists presented in recitation • Historical figures in psych • This is a tentative statement about the relationship between two or more variables: hypothesis • This is a system of interrelated ideas used to explain a set of observations: theory • This is the condition or event that an experiment manipulates in order to see its impact on another variable: independent variable • Researchers have found no relationship between hair color and intelligence. If a correlation between these two variables was calculated, the correlation coefficient would most likely be: 0 • This is a brief upward spike in a neuron’s electrical charge that travels along the axon therefore causing the neuron to fire: action potential • Synonymous with receptor potential: resting potential • Generator potential is synonymous with: action potential • After experiencing an emergency, you gradually start to relax once this division of your nervous system becomes active: parasympathetic • The site at which two neurons communicate with each other: synapse • Synapse: place between neurons where neurotransmission are floating to pass from one neuron to the next • This important brain region is known to regulate your emotions, memory, and motivation: limbic system • Emotional regulation and response: limbic system • The brain structure, which is primarily implicated in sleep and wakefulness is the: reticular formation • This location in you temporal lobe enables you to understand speech and language: Wernicke’s area • This location enables you to produce speech and language: Broca’s area • Showed the chemical natur
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