PSY 274 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Cognitive Load, Egocentrism, Fallacy

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System one: operates automatically and quickly, with little or no effort and no sense of (voluntary) control. Example: use system 1 to choose which pasta you want in the grocery store. System two: effortful mental activities including complex computations often associated with agency, choice, and concentration. Rational thinking based on evaluation and and logical conclusions. Example: use system 2 to pick a college: if i give you an event, be able to tell me which system would be active for it (e. g. , detect that one object is more distant than another) Detect that one object is more distant: system 1. Also system 1: simple math, completing phrases, sound, reaction to facial expression, reading, recognize stereotypes. System 1 can commit errors of intuitive thought illusions. System 2 will then produce biased thinking/conclusions (with no knowledge of the error) Understand how attention and effort relate to the systems.

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