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PSY 337-Exam 5 Review (Extra Credit)

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PSY 337

EmilyMongeon8819838085214Optional R5 for Optional T5 Optional T5 covers material from all 4 units including intro material biology memory and cognition adaptation physical health dementia and Alzheimers disease personality and relationships Course material on work and retirement statistics on workforce general demographics about the aging population and mental health statistics will NOT be covered on T5Your answers to Optional R5 potentially add 20 points to your percent score on T5 Printed answers to optional R5 will be received until 1130 AM on May 5 2014or earlier but not later Turn in your R5s at my office any time before the due date My office is 458HH Please just slide your R5 under the door if the door is closed and I am not there To avoid your pages getting lost be sure to put your last name and SUID on each page and staple the pages together Copy the questions from this file into a new file preserving the numbering Each answer should immediately follow each question Answer using 13 sentences for each question Hintcheck to see if you have completely answered all parts to the question Reminder Definitely do your own work in preparing answersturning in answers that are the same as another students answers will result in a 0 on T516Listed below are the 6 videos that will be covered on T5 A good way to study the material in these videos is to try to anticipate questions that Dr Hoyer would likely ask about the information in these clips What are the take away findings or messages for each videoSo your task is to make up 2 really good multiple choice questions that tap the important main points in each of these videos and be sure to mark the correct answer Format and level of detail and difficulty should be typical of test items on previous PSY 337 tests Bonusyou might see your questions on T5 aDan Buettner on Blue Zones how to live to 100 DanBuettnerstalkonBlueZoneswascenteredaroundwhathestudiedandbelievedistheperfectenvironmentandlifestyletoliveahappierandlonglifeHediscusesthe4thingsthatmakeupthePowerninePrinciplesStartingatthetopthesmallestportionshouldbebasedonexerciseandtheabilitytomovenaturallyItscrucialtostayhealthyandactiveasyouageNextistherightlookwhichmeansyouroveralloutlookofyourlifeDoyouknowyourpurposeAnotherpointheemphasizesiseatingwiselymeaning80ofyourdietshouldbefruitsandvegetablesReduceanysugarsfatsredmeatsorhighcaloricfoodsandstaynaturalLastlyitisessentialtohaveasenseofbelongingCreatinggoodsocialrelationshipsandkeepingintouchwithyourfamilyisessentialtolongevityThegeographicareasassociatedwithlonglifeallincludeaverysocialatmosphereandenvironmentofhealthyactivehappypeople 1 What are the 4 most important parts of the Power Nine Principles 2 What does it mean to eat wisely and how does it impact your overall health bLiving Old EmilyMongeon88198380852141Whenyouliveolditishardtobecomfortableandliveahappylife2Geriatricsisahugeupcomingjobfieldforthenext30plusyears3Oldpeoplehavetopayveryexpensiveratesforhealthcareand24hourcare 1 What are some downfalls to living old How many factors are affectedie financial physical mentaletc 2 Why has the field of geriatrics increased so much within the last couple decades cUnnatural causes Kim Andersons story LifeexpectancyratesarelargelyaffectedbysocioeconomicalstatusandoverallhealthcareandsocialbehavioralinteractionsFormanywhitesblacksandHispanicstheUSportraysalargescaleofinequalityandstressElevatedlevesofstresscausemanyhealthproblemslikehighbloodpressureincreasedrisktoheartdiseasevulnerabilitytochronicillnessesandinfectiousdiseasesAllostasisisastateofphysiolotidalbalancethatisselfmonitoredbyaroutinelyprocessofadaptationandchangeThisconstantweightofinstabilityandadjustingtonewenvironmentscausesstressInKimAndersonscaseshefacedthepressuresandstressorsofinequalityforbeingablackfemaleThisstressultimatleyputthetollonKimspregnatebodyandbroughtherintopretermlabor 1How does socioeconomic status affect life expectancy 2 What does allostasis mean and how does this influence levels of stress on the body dGeorge Bonanno on measuring human resilience DrHoyersrecommendationofseeingGeorgeBonannosvideoMeasuringHumanResiliencetwiceThissuggeststhatthemeasurementmattersaresophisticatedandimportantsoseeingtheclipatleasttwicewillhelptogetthefullpicture20minAfterviewingthecliptwiceIcanconcludethathumanshavemanywaystocopewithlosstraumabigchallengesandmajorlifeeventsSincetheUSissodiversetherearelargeinterindividualdifferencesamongourpopulationSurprisinglyalargeproportionofthepopulationdemonstratesresilienceasanadaptiveresponse1 What are some interindividual differences among our population 2 What is one of the many ways people cope with loss challenges and trauma eThomas Insel on toward a new understanding of mental illness ThomasInselexplainshowpeopleclassifyMentalDisordersasbehavioraldisordersbuthethinksthatmentaldisordersshouldntalwaysbelabeledasmentalorbehavioralInselbelievesthattheyshouldsimplybeclassifiedgenerallyasbraincircuitdisordersThesementaldisordersareinvolvedwithneuronsneurotransmittersandsynapsesMostdisordersareinthehumanconnectomesuchasdepressionOCDisgreaterthanPTSDofwhichallofthesearesimplyvariationsinthewaythebrainiswiredInselsuggeststhatitseasiertosayamentaldisorderisadiseaseofthebrainratherthanmentalorbehavioralMentaldisordersaresimilartoachronicdiseaseInselmentionshowchronicdeathlydiseaseswereonceveryhighinmortalityratesuchasLeukemia
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