ACCT 209 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Bank Statement, List Of Captive Orcas, Income Statement

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30 Oct 2014

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Additional review problems, exam 3: on january 2, 2000, ned flanders company purchased a new computer (with a left-handed mouse) for use in his stores. ,400, is expected to last five years (or 10,000 hours), and has an estimated residual value of. Determine each of the following: ned uses double declining balance method of depreciation. ___________: ned uses the units of activity method of depreciation. Depreciation expense for 2001, assuming the computer was used 1,500 hours, is__________: ned uses straight line depreciation. What is the book value of the computer at january 1, ________: ned uses straight line depreciation, and sells the computer on july 1, 2002 for ,100. ____________: criswell corporation prepares monthly bank reconciliations of its checking account balance. The bank statement for may, 2001 indicated the following: An analysis of canceled checks and deposits and the records of criswell revealed the following: Error in recording check; check written and cleared bank for ; recorded as .

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