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ANTH 210
Don Conlee

Vocab. Thursday, January 30, 2014 3:34 PM Anthropology The study of humanity, from its evolutionaryorigins millions of years ago to its current world wide diversity. Societies Populations of people living in organized groups with social institutions and expectationsof behavior. Culture The learned values, beliefs, and rules of conduct that are shared to some extent by the membersof a society,and that govern their behavior with one another. Symbolic Culture The ideas people have about themselves,others, and the world, and the ways that people express theses ideas. Material Culture The tools people make and use, the clothing they wear, the buildings they live in, and the household utensils they use. Holistic Perspective A perspectivein anthropology that views culture as an integrated whole, no part of which can be completelyunderstood without considering the whole. ComparativePerspective An approach in anthropologythat uses data about the behaviors and beliefs in many societiesto document both cultural universals and cultural universals and cultural diversity. Culture Change Changes in people's ways of life over time through both internal and external forces. Globalization The spread of economic,political, and cultural influences throughout a very large geographic area or through a great number of different societies. Cultural Anthropology The study of cultural behavior, especially the comparativestudy of living and recent human cultures. Ethology Aspect of cultural anthropology involved with building theories about cultural behaviors and forms. Ethnography Aspect of cultural anthropology involved with observing and documenting people's ways of life. Indigenous Societies Peoples who are now minority groups in state societiesbut who were formerly independent and have occupied their territoriesfor a long time. Ethnocentrism The wide spread human tendency to perceive the ways of doing things in one
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