BIOL 111 Study Guide - Microevolution, Allopatric Speciation, Hybrid Zone

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30 Oct 2014

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Study plan chapter 24: the origin of species. Biol 112 - dr. carol b. johnson. Textbook assignments: read entire chapter & study the figures. You will not be responsible for interpreting the following phylogenetic species reproductive barrier figures and the research they refer to: [fig. 24. 8, about shrimp sister species across isthmus of. 24. 11, a particular form of allopolyploidy- (learn what was covered in lecture)], [fig. 24. 15, about european flycatchers], [fig. 24- 19, about hybrid speciation of sunflower]. The key is located in appendix a. Describe an example: be able to recognize and interpret evidence for the allopatric speciation process. Interpret results from experiments showing evidence of formation of reproductive barriers in allopatric populations (figures 24. 9, If you have a subscription to masteringbiology, go to the study area for ch. 24 and take the practice hybrid behavioral isolation reduced hybrid viability speciation hybrid zone allopolyploidy chapter quiz.

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