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30 Oct 2014

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Study plan chapter 27: bacteria and archaea. Biol 112 - dr. carol b. johnson. Textbook assignments: read the entire chapter. You do not need to learn the subgroups of the domain archaea listed in fig. You do not need to learn the subgroups of the phylum proteobacteria in fig 27- 17. Focus on the examples mentioned in class. The key is located in appendix a. How did frederick griffith"s experiment (fig. Describe and distinguish among transformation, transduction, and conjugation. Which features are found in. What characteristics are unique to archaea? (as listed in table. 27. 2): draw a simple phylogeny of the three domains of life, identifying the domain closest in relation to. Domain eukarya: what are the names and summary characteristics of the five major groups (usually called phyla) of. Key terms to know: unicellular spirilla plasma membrane. Phylogeny covered in this chapter (phylogenetic groups in boldface; examples below): bacillus/bacilli spirochaete peptidoglycan.

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