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GEOG 301

Geography Exam 2 Notes Chapter Eleven The Florida Peninsula A Florida a The Sunshine State b Tallahassee capital 180000 c Jacksonville Largest city822000 d 188 population the 27 state in 1845 f FL g Beaches fish sea horses Cape Canaveral oranges gators waterskiing golf car racing B Intro a Very flat limestone surface with lots of rain i 5060 in b Artesian springs in central lakes region C Florida Settlement tha Spanish at st Augustine in 16 century b US purchased Florida form Spain c North Florida i Plantation agriculture ii Smallscale backwoods farmers iii Migrated west d Peninsular Florida i Sawmp ii Attracted sunseeking northerners withiii Built RRs hotels winter resorts D The Everglades sta Seminoles 1 occupants i Resisted OK territory ii Retreated to everglades b Around Lake Okeechobee i 1800s drained swamp ii Sugar cane plantations iii Winter vegetables c Unintended Consequences i Fertile swamp soil needs more moisture ii Serious hurricane hazard iii Everglades are an open marsh not a forested swamp iv Conversion to cropland required construction of drainage ditches E Urban Growth on the East Coast a Palm Beach to Miami i Winter tourist industry ii Warm climate sandy beaches iii Efforts of one man Henry M Flagler 1 Built RRs from Jacksonville to Miami iv Elegant Hotels v Great Florida boom in early 1920s b SW to Key West i Florida keys ii PR then overseas highway iii Steamship to Havana Cuba until Castro in 1958 F Hotels Demise Royal Poinciana at Palm Beach a 1925 fire claimed nearby hotels b Rebuilt Breakers Hotel i Fireresistant construction ii Bathroom with each guest room c 1929 stock market crash and great depression G Florida Keys a In 1933 and RR b Destroyed by hurricane in 1935 H Key West a The end of the line b Historic link to Havana Cuba I Floridas West Coast a Slightly cooler with less sand b Winter tourist industry i RR from Jacksonvilletampa in 1880s ii Phosphate limestone industry produces fertilizer iii Tampas port developed during Spanish American War of 1898 iv Coastal mangrove swamps discouraged development J Mangrove a Semiaquatic tree b Seeds germinate while still attached to tree c Forms a dense tangle of roots d Deterrent to coastline erosion e Habitat for wildlife K Sanibel Island a Seashell collecting L Citrus Ridges a On beach ridges and inland sand hills b Frozen concentrates in 1940s fruit juice for americans i Climate like FLs and rapid transportation to markets RRs ii Orchards being squeezed southward
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