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HIST 226

Professor Ramos Texas History STUDY GUIDE – EXAM #4 MULTIPLE CHOICE & TRUE/FALSE SECTION 1. Define indios barbaros. 2. Define mestizaje. th 3. Why were some Tx Indian groups receptive to Spanish missionaries in the 18 century? 4. Why were other Tx Indian groups opposed to Spanish missionaries in the 18 th century? 5. Describe the general background of the Old 300. 6. Why was the Law ofApril 6, 1830 passed, and what did this law state? 7. Why did Stephen F.Austin take so long to support the Texas rebels who advocated for war with Mexico? 8. What type of ruler was SantaAnna, and what role did he play in sparking the Texas Revolution (1835-1836)? 9. The road leading to the Texas Revolution was initially full of conflict among Texas residents. What were some of the major conflicts (e.g. Peace v. War Party)? 10. Why was Sam Houston criticized for his leadership of the Texan army in the weeks leading up to the Battle of San Jacinto (April 1836)? 11. How did Texans manage to win the battle of San Jacinto? 12. Why did Mexican officials not accept Texas independence? 13. What were some of the major provisions of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848)? 14. Why did some Tejano elites lose their landholdings once Texas became part of the U.S.? 15. Define the Republican Party’s stance on slavery. 16. What factors motivated white Texas men to join the Confederate military forces? 17. What policies did General Gordon Granger implement in Texas right after the Civil War ended? 18. Compare the measures passed during Presidential Reconstruction v. Congressional Reconstruction. 19. Historian Eric Foner argues thatAfricanAmericans obtain "nothing but freedom" in the years immediately after the Civil War. What examples back up this claim? 20. What examples contradict the claim thatAfricanAmericans obtain "nothing but freedom" in the years immediately after the Civil War? 21. Was Reconstruction in Texas a failure? Why or why not? 22. Define "white Indian." 23. Zesch compares Herman Lehmann's and Rudolph Fischer's lives and declares that Fischer was more successful because he remain Indianized. Please explain this statement with specific examples. 24. What were some of the misunderstandings that occurred when the German- Texans and Penateka Comanches were forming their 1847 peace treaty? Why did the treaty fail by the early 1850s? 25. Explain the differences between the different forms of tenant farming. 26. What kinds of activities did the Grange organize? 27. What was the Greenback Movement's main focus? 28. What was the purpose of the Farmers’Alliance’s cooperatives? 1 Professor Ramos Texas History STUDY GUIDE – EXAM #4 29. What was the subtreasury plan? 30. Why did many farmers support the free coinage of silver? 31. Why was it so diffi
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