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Professor Ramos Texas History STUDY GUIDE – EXAM #2 Exam #2 will cover lectures and Texas: Crossroads of North America, Sleuthing the Alamo, and Many Faces of Texas readings from Sept 19-Oct 3. Below is a list of questions to help guide your studying. The format of the exam will consist of 60 multiple choice and true/false questions or statements. Some will focus on comparing/contrasting two groups or people; defining an event, person, or term; explaining the significance/legacy of a person or event; explaining causes; or explaining the success or failures of certain people or events. You will have the entire class period (75 minutes) to complete the exam. The exam takes place on TUESDAY, 10/15/2013, 3:55-5:10PM, 215 ANIN. PLEASE BRING A NO. 2 PENCILAND SCANTRON FORM 882-E (GREEN COLOR) TO THE EXAM. MULTIPLE CHOICE/ TRUE OR FALSE SECTION 1. Describe the general background of the Old 300. a. Middle class (some $) b. Unblemished character c. High literacy rates d. 297 families who original settled inAustin’s colony 2. Define empresario. a. One who recruits people to settle on his colony b. Is the administrative authority when colonized 3. Why is Stephen F. Austin important to Texas history? a. Began process ofAmericanizing Texas 4. Why might Stephen F. Austin have chosen to settle in what is now central-east Texas? a. Lots of rivers, far from Comanche, near Louisiana and U.S., fertile farm land 5. What was the Imperial Colonization Law of 1823? a. Created the rules of how the empresario system would work 6. Besides Euroamerican (Anglo) and Mexican, what were the nationalities of some of the other empresarios? 7. What requirements did immigrants to Mexico have to satisfy? a. Take a oath of loyalty to Mexico b. Convert to Catholicism 8. What attracted many immigrants from the U.S. to Mexican Texas? a. Cheap land b. Didn’t have to pay for land upfront c. Didn’t have to pay with cash 9. Who were the most successful empresarios? a. Stephen F.Austin b. Dewitt 10. Define the War and Peace Parties. Who were prominent members of each? a. War Party: wanted immediate independence i. William B. Travis, Jim Bowie b. Peace Parties: wanted to negotiate with Federalists (states’rights) i. Stephen F.Austin, Carlos Barret 11. What was the status of slaves in Texas after 1827? a. State legislature of (Coahuila y Tejas) 1 Professor Ramos Texas History STUDY GUIDE – EXAM #2 i. Can’t have slaves, but can have servants for life and must have a contract (master and servant sign – servant saying they will be the servant for life) 12. Why did Gen. Mier y Teran state thatAmericans who immigrated to Texas walked around with the U.S. constitution in their pockets? a. Because they didn’t follow any of the rules and they weren’t seeing Mexican culture and people speaking English 13. What recommendations did Mier y Teran make after visiting Texas in 1828- 1829? a. Recruit more Mexican/European settlers b. Develop trade b/w Texas and Mexican interior c. Allow foreign trade 14. Why was the Law ofApril 6, 1830 passed, and what did this law state? a. It was the Government’s answer to Tiran recommendations b. No more immigration from U.S. to Texas i. EXCEPT for Austin’s colony c. Presidios/Forts are going to be set up along Texas borders i. Tax imports and exports d. Banning slavery (maximum of 10 yrs servants) e. Harsher than recommendations 15. What was the first Battle ofAnahuac (1832) about, and why didn't most Texans support it? a. Taxes b. Commander Bradburn and customs collector (Fisher) i. All ships need permission to sail from TX ports c. William Travis and Patrick Jack i. Organize a citizens militia ii. Don’t have the authority iii. Leads to other EuroAmericans to capture Mexican soldiers d. Bradburn removed from post e. They didn’t support it because they were seen as committing treason 16. What did the San Felipe Convention of spring 1833 seek, and why? a. Wanted to repeal Law ofApril 6,1830 b. Separate statehood for Texas 17. Why were many Tejanos concerned about the growing Euroamerican presence in Texas by the 1830s? 18. Why did Stephen F.Austin take so long to support the Texas rebels who advocated war with Mexico? a. He was party of the Peace Party b. Loyal to the Federalists c. Thinks of himself as a Mexican d. Had succeed economically 19. Why was Stephen F.Austin arrested in Mexico? 20. What new laws did Federalists implement in 1833-34 that were favorable to Texas? a. EuroAmericans can buy land directly from state 2 Professor Ramos Texas History STUDY GUIDE – EXAM #2 b. English is made co-official language c. Right to trial by jury i. Aprivilege d. Add two representatives to Texas delegation 21. Why did SantaAnna switch from being a Federalist to a Centralist? 22. What was Lorenzo de Zavala's view of Gen. SantaAnna? a. 23. Why did the Texas rebels at Gonzales refuse to give up the town's cannon? 24. What does "Come and Take It" refer to? a. Battle of Gonazles 25. What were some of the reasons that Texans supported rebelling against the Mexican Centralist government in October 1835? a. Mexican government showed they would use force to control b. Being unfairly punished i. Cannon is a threat because it is a weapon 26. How successful were the Texas rebels in the month of October? Why? a. Very successful won 3 major battles i. Gonzales, Bexar, and Goliad b. Texas use to fighting in wooden area c. Mexican use to open areas d. Weren’t lots of Mexicans in Texas yet 27. Why was the Consultation of (Nov) 1835 organized? 28. What type of ruler was SantaAnna, and what role did he play in sparking the Texas Revolution (1835-1836)? 29. What was Ben Milam's contribution to the Texas Revolution? 30. What were some of Jim Bowie’s motivations for immigrating to Texas? a. Wants to buy and sell land and also slave trade 31. What motivated Davy Crockett to immigrate to Texas? a. Lost senate race b. Cheap land to rebuild himself c. Heard about TX revolution d. Assist in Bexar e. Adventure 32. What motivated William Travis to immigrate to Texas? a. Bad marriage and running from debts 33. What was the volunteer army? 34. What was the regular army? a. Official army b. The General council appoints officers of formal army 35. How did Mexican junior officer J. E. de la Peña view Mexican GeneralA.L. SantaAnna? 36. What new information did historian James Crisp uncover about the Urrea anachronism, and how did this information help support his argument that the de la Peña manuscripts are authentic? a. Una Victima del Despotismo i. Writes weren’t published in 1836 3 Professor Ramos Texas History STUDY GUIDE – EXAM #2 ii. He isn’t finished he is still working on it 1839 (revising) 37. What new information did historian James Crisp uncover about the Filisola footnote anachronism, and how did this information help support his argument that the de la Peña manuscripts are authentic? a. Sanchez Garza inserts passages from General Filisola’s memoirs i. Mexican editor ii. Published them
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