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SPMT 217 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Olsen Field At Blue Bell Park

Sport Management
Course Code
SPMT 217
Shane L Hudson
Study Guide

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1) It requires great facilities, great programs, and great coaches and a great university
a. Common denominator = $$
b. Very simple, it takes money
c. You cant run a car without gasoline
2) In athletics, how do we collect revenue?
a. Strategic move to the SEC from a revenue standpoint
3) How do we set ourselves apart in the SEC?
a. 12th man foundation
i. fund scholarships, programs and facilities to support championship
ii. golf tournament in April raise $60,000
4) How do we provide scholarship programs and facilities?
a. Through donors by setting a vision of where we are going and how we are going
to get there
5) Became a member of the 12th man board of trustees in 2009
a. At the time they were doing an $8 million project on the baseball field
b. fiest little league faility
c. asked hy are e ot uildig the fiest ollegiate aseall field i the
outry? Whe e ollet all of this oey for the failities, ho akes sure it
gets spet orretly?
d. he became in charge of the building project
e. e do’t thik e a raise ore tha $8 illio eause its just aseall
f. we are doing this backwards
g. gets architect and says you design the finest facility for baseball in the country
do’t orry aout udget
h. then go see how much someone can build it for ($27 million)
i. we want sustained athletic excellence, we are going to build the finest facility at
Texas A&M
j. double the goal of $8 million to $16 million ( achieved)
k. e et out ad reated a isio, do’t eer sell yourself short
l. went back to the contractor and said build it for $25 million (achieved)
m. went around the country to different fields
n. found out some people dabble in premium seating
i. premium seating suites, clubs, things with amenities
o. designed a club and 8 suites
p. cost $1 mil and gets $5 mil in revenue ($4 mil net)
q. names olsen field, what if someone else wanted to namw the stadium? A
r. Ca ot e hooters ad eeds to e soeoe ho keeps up ith A&M’s alues
s. Blue bell -> 2 donors to the 12th man
t. First talked about high school football
u. Refused to settle
v. Built it to give rob childress no excuses
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