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BIOC 9998
Eileen Wood

Angel Chen 1-13-14 History China’s Emission Problems In order for China to reduce air pollution for the wellbeing of the citizens they are pouring millions of dollars in improving their industry and enforcing more laws which will cause China's economy to drop by a significant amount. China is seen as one of the most powerful countries in the world so far with their lead in education and technology. However China has a major problem when it comes to air pollution that is effecting the health of citizens. The reason being is because China has a population more than 1.34 billion people which is why they burn more coal and fossil fuel ( China: Carbon Dioxide Emissions). China has not taken a lot of action in the past about their air pollution but for the past few years they are doing more in order to reduce the gas emissions. They are worry that air pollution will be the main cause of bringing them down. Roughly 300,000 Chinese citizens die every year from diseases that are related to air pollution (China: Climate Change and Energy). With figures this high it is no wonder China finally decided to take action of the madness and focused their attention on the health of the citizens. They decided to punish people who refuse to cooperate in reducing the amount of air pollution and even had a death penalty. Then they release several laws and policies that involve in reducing the amount of factories or machines being produced in order to reduce the harmful waste that it produces. Lastly, they invested a lot of money in methods that will help children reduce the amount of smog that they are taking in. However by doing all of this to tackle the air pollution problem, China will be losing how many goods they are producing monthly which will cause their economy to suffer. Back then there were a lot of people that didn’t do anything to reduce the air pollution being released. Most people didn’t even realize how polluted their country was but focused on how powerful China was. The government did it’s best to hide the fact China is the leading country in the world when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. Now the government is doing everything in their power to stop the citizens from contributing to the air pollution being released. Industries was a huge problem when it comes being polluted. None of them invested a lot of money into cleaner machines that releases less gas but focused more on the amount of products they made. The government eventually caught on to this and they fined several big industries for lacking to pass the state health exam and their unwillingness to improve their infrastructure to reduce the amount of pollution being released (Friedman 1). One problem that can arise from this situation is that by fining the industries, the industries have to cut back on the products there making and perhaps fire some employees to still maintain a steady profit. This will eventually effect the market because less goods are being produced which will cause inflation. The amount of money the government is making will be less which can affect the economy. China didn’t really had an efficient methods of handling toxic materials which is why most citizens dump the toxic waste in waters or in the trash can. Not only does this decrease the quality of the water, diseases and infections will spread rampantly across the country. They decided to pass a very strict law where anyone who is caught handling or disposing toxic materials incorrectly, they will be sentenced to death (Belanger 1). By passing this law China is showing they are not playing around anymore when it comes to polluters. Sixteen China cities are rated the most polluted in the world out of the top twenty polluted cities (China: Climate Change and Energy). That is an outrageous percentage of the whole country which is probably why China is rated as the top polluted country. China noticed this and fined 8 cities located in Northeast China around a total of 54.2 million Yuan which is equivalent to approximately 8.9 million US dollars (“Eight Chinese cities fined” 1). By charging this much money to force the local governments to get their act together, the cities can finally be less polluted. However charging the local governments by that amount can cause some financial problems in the market itself due to them needing some sort of method to pay back the fine. China is punishing those who won’t cooperate in decreasing air pollution but the way they are doing it can hurt the economy even more. China also passed several laws and policies that deal with air pollution. One main problem the laws dealt with was the issue of nuclear power plants. There are a lot of nuclear power plants in China because they are China’s main source of electrical power. However they release a lot of pollution into the area around them which is why they are one of the leading causes of China’s pollution. They currently have two hydro plants being b
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