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BIOC 9998
Eileen Wood

Angel Chen English 01-11-14 The Tragedy of John There are always incidents in life that changes someone’s life. Those people often face adversity to try and fit in with the new surroundings but sometimes it just doesn’t go smoothly as planned. They might not like how the society is behaving towards different key things in life. In Huxley’s novel, Brave New World, he investigates this issue further and in a time period where the amount of technology is unbelievable. Through the eyes of the main character, John, Huxley shows how corrupted and suppressed a society can be which can lead to them taking drastic measures. John kills himself at the end of the story because he couldn’t risk getting himself corrupted by the ideals and behaviors of the New World which shows how far a person will go to resist social temptations. Sex is often a big part in the New World where it is common to have sex with as many people as possible but John believes in just having one partner and developing a relationship with that one person. Children are encouraged to get a head start in sexual plays when they are young because in the future theycan be comfortable with havingsex often without feeling uncomfortable about it. There was one boy that wasn’t as interested in the sexual play as the others which is why one of the adults said, “It’s just that this little boy seems rather reluctant to join in the ordinary erotic play (Chapter 3 page 38)” They think it is completely healthy for young children to explore each other’s sexual organs and if someone doesn’t participate in the act then it makes them abnormal. In John’s Savage world, the only time people start engaging in sexual play is when a couple develops a relationship between them. Another mainissue is people are born in a glass tube instead of the normal reproductionmethod. However,femalesare stilladvisedtohave a pregnancy substitute but brunettes with wide pelvises take it much earlier than other women (Chapter 3 page 44). The whole point of this process is to make sure women still go through the pregnancy stage without actually having a baby to ensure sexual health. The fact that brunettes are advised to get one earlier hints that the society wants to ensure that the best looking women have maximum sexual potential. John does not like this pregnancy substitution because he thinks it is completely normal to actually give birth since he was also born in this way. He also seems to detest the idea of women having sex with a lot of people. When Lenina starts to undress herself he becomes extremely angry with her and starts calling her a “whore” and an “Impudent Strumpet” (Chapter 13 page 177). John doesn’t want to have sex in that manner and actually wants to develop an intimate relationship while Lenina throws herself in front of John. All of the sexual desires of this New World eventually leads to John killing himself at the end. People are limited in what knowledge is available aroundthem whichmakes them ignorant to what is happening around them. The Controllers of the New World ban a lot old literatures books and makes sure no one can read them. They only want them to ingest what they offer to them and make sure that they don’t have anyknowledge on the outside world. In a way the people are forced to believe that their world is the best and no other society out there can match them. John was reading a play that was written by Shakespeare only to find that no one else can read it. Even Henry Ford la
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