BIOL 4376 Final: lecture

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Published on 29 Jul 2020
Temple University
BIOL 4376
Pharmaceutics Exam 4 Review guide
Not multiple choice
1. What are the upsides of parentals?
a. Quick onset
b. 100% bioavailable Predictable absorption, so for poorly absorbed and drugs that
irritate GI tract.
c. IM stays in body for months
d. Allows continuous supply
2. Routes of administration for Parenterals?
a. Cutaneous
b. Subcutaneous
c. IM (most typical way)
d. Intra-Peritoneal
e. IV4L over 12 hours
f. Short infusion- between Bolus and infusion
g. To keep open (TKO) roughly 25-30ml/hr (drip)
h. Hyperalimentation- To cover past deficiencies- food liquefied, ex TPN
i. Peripheral-short term, central- hospitalized
3. 2 Forms of infusion Rate
4. types of IV and onset?
a. Bolus- Quick onset (secs to mins) fast effects
i. Adenocard Arrhythmia, 6mg over 1-2 seconds
b. Infusion- Large amount of liquid over a long period of time
a. Volume- 30 mL over 60 min; 0.2L over 2 hours
b. Dose- 30 mg over 15 mins, 150 mg over 1 hour
6. Problem with infusion rates?
a. May need to know how fast drug solutions drips.
7. Infusion rates
a. Look at ppt for math cause this format would be chalked.
8. How to know the IV infusion rate in practice ( 2 ways)
a. Infusion pump- just open your eyes and set the infusion rate
b. Without pump: based on DRIP RATE
c. 1 drop =
i. .1ml
ii. How many drops per 10 seconds for
1. 1.2L over 4 hours --->
a. 300 ml per hour
i. 5 Ml per mins
1. 50 drops per min
a. 8-9 drips per 10 seconds
9. Key parenteral dosage forms
a. Single dose vial- traditional way
b. Multi-Dose- multiple times
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