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Computer & Information Science
CIS 1166

MIDTERM 1 COMMENTS | 1. Conditions (a) Time and Place: Friday 28 February in the usual recitation class- room during the usual recitation time. (b) Closed Book except One Sheet of Paper with Notes in Your Own Handwriting Allowed. But no computer access. No calculator access. No textbook or reference book. (c) Please be sure to put your name on any page you wish to be graded. (d) You will have all of 110 minutes (assuming you arrive on time) to complete your midterm. 2. Topics to Study (a) Sections in Rosen: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.7, 2.1, 2.2 (b) Note you are responsible for all material discussed in class or in rel- evant sections of the textbook. I did not go much beyond what you ▯nd in Rosen; just gave somewhat di▯erent examples. I shall list some particular examples of topics on which you might be tested but you are responsible for anything we have covered. Sometimes material is covered in more than one section in Rosen or some material begins in one section and continues with related stu▯ in another section and in that case I will not always list all relevant sections. (c) Section 1.1 i. Propositional Operators and Their Truth Tables ii. Using Truth Tables to Determine when A Proposition is True, in particular whether a proposition is a tautology, contradic- tion or neither. iii. Particular Operators Covered Are :, ^, _, !, $, ▯ iv. Using Truth Tables to Determine whether Two Propositions are Equivalent. v. Understanding ! and evaluating the truth of propositions like if I am a monkey’s uncle, then I am president of Russia. 1 vi. Translating !. Knowing how unless, whenever, su▯cient con- dition, necessary condition, if and only if, necessary and suf- ▯cient condition, only if and similar vocabulary can be trans- lated into propositional logic using !. vii. Bitwise operations. viii. Precedence rules and associativity rules for propositional logic. I am not going to directly test you on precedence or associa- tivity but if you write something I am assuming you know the rules and put parentheses in the right place to provide the meaning you want and that you will correctly interpret things I write that need precedence rules to be correctly in- terpreted. (d) 1.2 i. Propositional De Morgan ii. Rewriting ^ using _Q and : and rewriting vee using ^ and :. iii. Rewritin
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