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undefined Midterm: Midterm: Chapter 11 MCQ's and Fill in the blanks

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Greek and Roman Classics
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GRC 2011
Robin Mitchell- Boyask

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C h a p t e r 1 1 : M y t h s o f F e r t i l i t y : D i n o y s u s 1 Chapter 11: Myths of Fertility: Dinoysus MCQs and Fill in the blanks During what historical period did Greek tragedy first emerge? The reign of the tyrant Pisistratus in the 6th century B.C. Which of the following was NOT punished by Dionysus? Midas How were the daughters of King Proetus of Argos punished for having refused to accept the rites of Dionysus? They were driven mad and believed they were cows What is the name of the seer who demanded payment to cure the daughters of Proetus of Argos? Melampus Where was Dionysus abducted by the pirates? Icaria, near Asia Minor Who is the author of the play, the Bacchae, which portrays the myth of the resistance to Dionysus in the city of Thebes? Euripides Which of the following was NOT one of the sisters of Dionysuss mother, Semel? Ariadn Dionysus arrived in Thebes to punish a blaspheme against his mother. What was this blaspheme?
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