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IB 4587 Midterm: Exam 1 STUDY GUIDE.docx

International Business Admn
Course Code
IB 4587
In- Sue Oh
Study Guide

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Disclaimer: This guide is meant to facilitate your studying process; it should not to be used as
your sole studying tool. Please keep in mind that any information from the lectures, book
chapters, and assigned cases may appear on the test.
After completing this chapter, students should be able to:
Define the terms OB, HR, Strategic Management, manager, leader, and followership
Explain the difference between a manager and a leader
Describe Henry Mintzberg’s managerial roles model
Explain the different types of followers
Explain Technical, Human, and Conceptual skills and their relative importance across
varying levels of management
Differentiate efficiency and effectiveness
Know three critical things in the chapter
Explain how leadership is a learned skill/competency
Know three basic competencies and two types of competencies
Know emotional intelligence and its boundary conditions
Explain the idea of limbic resonance; Understand how emotions influence evaluation,
memory, information processing, and behavior
Understand O’NET and competency modeling
Define power and its different forms
Describe the basic competencies relevant to leadership and management
Define the term empowerment and theories X and Y
Define ethics and values and discuss them as a foundation for moral leadership
Understand trends in leadership research (ABC)
Define the term “motivation.“
Explain the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
Describe Csikszentmihalyi’s concept of “flow”
Describe the higher-order and lower-order needs in Maslow’s hierarchy
Identify the differences between ERG, Two-Factor, and Three-Needs Theories
Explain Equity Theory, Justice/fairness Theory, and Cognitive Dissonance
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