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Media Studies & Production
MSP 2701
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ENG VS EFP explain your entire project in TELLING STORIES WITH VIDEO one or two sentences? ENG – ELECTRONIC NEWS What is the goal? GATHERING 2. STRATEGY what • IDENTIFY THE STORY method/theme will be used to Using the portability of both LINE – create a focus achieve the goal? (Q &A, the video camera & videotape recorder statement by asking yourself demo product, team vs. team, to document news events. exactly what you are trying to game show) do in one sentence. This is 3. CONTENT what will target Spot news what is going to tell the story 1. Middle of what is audiences see to achieve happening • BRING THE EVENT TO goals? (who will you THE VIEWER interview? How exactly will 2. Middle of the aftermath CAMERAWORK you demo? What questions 3. Stuck on the perimeter will teams answer/how will FRAMING = type of shot, range of they compete? 4. Combination of the shots DRAFTINGA STORY pre- above production • by perspective Tasks  where do you want to take us?  STORY STRUCTURE – 3 in the middle of the action.As close as • by physical parts to success you can get. This way the viewer can movement STORY BOARDING – feel as if they are there. We tell stories • by function make the visual count about people, through people. WORDS – make your PERSPECTIVE • Portable electronic • Wide Shot (WS –establishing writing count journalism shot) STORY STRUCTURE (3 parts to • Reporters were now able to success!) • Medium Shot (MS) • SET UP  beginning with a report live with the use of • Close-Up (CU) conflict new camera units, or shoot tape & have it aired almost • Extreme Close Up • MIDPOINT  action immediately PHYSICAL MOVEMENT • The video signal could be • CLIMAX  resolution • Zoom broadcast live from the field • Pan STORY BOARDING (make the • The whole business of visuals count!) television news • Tilt • Story boards are visual • Dolly or Truck (physically representations that aid in the move the camera in/out or creation process of digital EFP – ELECTRONIC FIELD side/side) storytelling. Storyboards lay PRODUCTION out images in sequential Using the portability of both • Crane (up or down) order to create the flow of the the video camera & videotaped recorder FUNCTION production. They can also to create non-news events. (controlled • Sequence of shots (using include technical aspects. & easier to produce) different perspectives) WORDS (make your writing count!) 1. Often a specific • Matched cuts (continued actions) • Difference between writing audience for PRINT VS 2. A lot of pre-planning STUDIO PRODUCTION from PRODUCTION (pre-production) 3. Must know project developing  drafting  recording • HOOK- no matter what the show (hard news, soft news, objectives PRE-PRODUCTION : developing long form) – it must have a • Portable video for non-news a story with a treatment hook. applications hook is a reason we are TREATMENT: (brief synopsis) it is a interested enough to watch it • It can now be used by anyone written description idea aimed at giving BROADCAST WRITING • Wider set up, usually someone visual proof the production is for the ears (conversational) worth producing. In many ways –it’s a PRINT for the eyes includes more ‘production’ longer version of your focus statement elements 3 Parts of a treatment: • EFP places emphasis on Beginning (conflict)Middle (action) PRODUCTION ROLES Solution (climax) high-quality, multiple camera DIRECTOR: Creates the setup photography, advanced look. Translates a written graphics & sound 1. GOALS (in a lot of ways script into a video program. your focus statement) who is ENG & EFP have many similarities. The the target audience & what *The interpreter of the equipment & its operations are the same. do you want them to get out scriptwriter’s words, takes The style of shooting & the production of the production? the written communication & goals often separate the two. (inform/educate, persuade, transforms it into a visual entertain, etc.) Can you communication. Coordinates activities just before & (news story that is under any type of light. showing the during production, also the prerecorded & edited for camera something white & pressing a
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