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• TheAverage operating level of 0VU represents good levels for analog recording. Digital is -18 avg • the baseling sampling rate for high fidelity digital audio is 44.1kHz • Each cycle of a sound wave is made up of 2 phases, Compression PUSH+, and Refection PULL- • CPS is expressed by Frequency by the number of times per second.CPS=hz • Lower bass -20hZ TO 300Hz, Midrange - 300hz to 5,000hZ Treble 5,000Hz to 20khz • 1,130 feet per second is the speed of sound • Tonal sensitivity is the frequency response refers to a device or system • The equal loudness principle states that the human ear is equally sensitive to midrange! • The Dynamic Range is the range between the quietist and the loudest sound that a sound source can produce without distortion • Combing two wave that are 180 degrees out of phase with result in Phase Cancellation • A clip is a sound file • Direct Narration describes what is being seen or hear • In spoken sound, meaning can be conveyed verbally • A transducer is a device that converts one form of energy into another • A microphone coverts sound into Electrical energy • In a loudspeaker, a positive electric charge causes the driver to push outward Quiz 2 • • Hard flat surfaces do not absorb sound wave energy • Early Reflection are the first reflection to reach the listener's ear before interacting with any other surface Echo 50+ is repeated sound, reverb 30-50blends • Helmholtz resonators and diaphragmatic absorbers are examples of Bass Traps • Temporal fusion is the phenomenon in which sounds that occur less than 50 milliseconds apart from each other are blended together at the ear and are perceived as one • Convex surfaces cause diffusion • Conclave surface collects sound • Reverb is Random multiple blending reflections -50 • Acoustic on in a cathedral is considerable reverb with long decay time • Resonance is When one vibrating body causes anther with the same natural frequency to vibrate sympathetically • Room resonances typically DO NOT cause recording problems when working in recording studios • The first magnetic recording device was the Wire recorder - Valdemar Poulsen ( Grandfather) • Magnetic recording on plastic tape is the first introduced the concept of editing • The gramophone was a variation on the phonograph that provided increased storage capacity • Selective synchronization the process by which multiple heads on a single head block are independently switchable between record and playback function. • Non-destructive editing and processing ( digital audio )changed the way people approached making recordings • Harry Nyquist first theorized the digitization of audio in the 1920s • A 16 by 4 mixer has 16 inputs and 4 outputs • Preamplifier is a device that boots signal to useable level before it enters a system? • An EQ is a tone control • An Aux send is used to route signal to external devices such as effects processors and headphone distribution amplifiers • A Pan pot is a volume control that shifts loudness between two master channels • 1957 most important for radio because of Selective synchronization • Midi 1983 • 1977 digital recorder • Normal is hardwired, half is not wired Quiz 3 • A pattern pick up for Cardioids is circle with butt bottom • A pattern pick up for Omni-Directional mic is Complete circle • Look at char
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