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Chapter OnePsychological Disorder Pattern of abnormal behavior thats associated with states of emotional distress such as anxiety or depression or with impaired behavior or ability to function such as difficulty getting a job or even distinguishing reality from fantasy Abnormal Psychology The branch of psychology that studies abnormal behavior and ways of helping people who are affected by psychological disordersMost people never seek the help of a mental health professional Nearly 1 in 2 are directly affected by mental disorders at some point in their livesMore than 1 in 4 adult Americans experience a diagnosable psychological disorder in any given year Mental illness is derived from the medical model perspective that views abnormal patterns as a symptom of underlying illnessHow do we define Abnormal BehaviorEmotional states such as anxiety and depression my be considered abnormal when theyre not appropriate to the situationAbnormality my also be suggestive by the magnitude of the problemCriteria for Determining AbnormalityUnusualness ex overcome with feelings of panic when entering a department storeSocial deviance need to take cultural differences into accountFaulty perceptions or interpretations of reality seeing or hearing the voice of God ideas of delusions such as ideas of persecution Significant personal distress appropriate feelings of distress arent considered abnormal unless they persist long after the source of anguish has been removed or if theyre so intense that they impair the individuals ability to functionMaladaptive behavior behavior that leads to unhappiness rather than selffulfillment can be regarded as abnormal Behavior that limits our ability to function in expected roles or to adapt to our environmentDangerousness social context is crucial People who threaten or attempt suicide because of the pressure of civilian life are usually considered abnormal Physically aggressive behavior is most often maladaptive in modern lifeCultural Bases of Abnormal BehaviorThe standards we use in making judgments of abnormal behavior must take into account cultural normsConcepts of health and illness vary across cultures Abnormal behavior patterns take different forms in different culturesWords like depression have different meanings in other cultures and mental health problems are treated differentlyHistorical Perspectives on Abnormal BehaviorAbnormal behavior was often taken as a sign of possessionIn our culture abnormal behavior has come to be viewed as the product of physical and psychosocial factors not demonic possessionThe Demonological ModelTrephination a harsh prehistoric practice of cutting a hole in a persons skull possibility in an attempt to release demons
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