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Psychology PSY 3315
David Carpenter

D/O 1. * understand how froid, Watson,Pavlov- assoc learning how they came about a. Treatment for the d/o 2. Treatment a. Behaviorism i. Fear with dark and close learning ( assoc learning ) phobia story about little brother and closet ii. Anxiety d/o iii. Therapy – systematic desensitization nd iv. * 2 test know how these theorys are applied 3. Anxiety D/O’s a. Only ppl with out anxiety are psychopaths i. This is what gets them in trouble ii. They seek sensation 1. Gets them caught b/c they love the rush of taking chances b. Anxiety i. Body feelings – butterflys, and ii. Cognitive – worry iii. Feelings of anxiety – why do I feel this ways – free floating – froid loves this because the reason for this is unconscious iv. Anxiety is “normal” 1. What is it for? a. To help to survive in an emergency situation i. Fight or Flight ii. Adrenalen and cortisol 2. Degrees of anxiety a. Motivation – i. A test coming up b. Ppl in grass huts i. Felt a cold front coming, need to hunt and gather 3. To alert you, that you have something to do 4. A survival mechanism 5. Too much anxiety a. Social anxiety i. Have a hard time meeting ppl ii. Interviewing for a job b. Help you to take a test? No c. Study? No d. It’s a good thing b/c it’s a reminder you have something to do… 6. We have cultural/societal anxiety a. Constants 7. Enough anxiety, constant, enough anxiety to affect school/work/social life. Interference with survival in the world we have created today a. GAD i. Generalized anxiety d/o b. Panic attach i. Flight or fight at abnormal times c. Interfering enough – dx – one constant battle Limbic System – not just one are, 4 primary areas The thalamus – filters stimuli from the world 1. You are a living org, walking around in physical world ( a lot in world were not aware of – tv wave.. cell phone signals) we have enuf stimuli to deal with as it is 2. Bands – what we can interpret a. Sight – visual spectrum can detect certain wavelengts b. Sound waves c. Smell, taste, touch i. Physical sensory energy  brain ii. Perception – what you make out of iii. Sensation – sensory energy  coming in d. Communicate to you what you want to communicate… see you but not distracted… focus what’s impt. At the time… e. Stimuli – more significant to your survival – excites the amygdala i. Someone intending to do harm (riffles) Fight - flight \ Amygdala talks to frontal lobes Furry amygdala – cat…. Wife slams door in house, cat claws him Cats are like a furry amygdala, that’s got attention more then the door slaming… Frontal lobes put on the breaks and says that it’s just the door it’s ok, cats can do this and freak out. Human  startled reaction v. cat  flight Hypothalamus __> endocrine dumps adrenalen in to system Pituitary gland over endocrine systemen ( thyroid, pancrease, sex, adrenalen Adrenalen and cortisol ( stress horemones) Can occur instantly, b/c its about life saving Hippocampus – seat of memory 1. Walk out of her in 30 min, can’t remember what someone is wearing… 2. Important info, the more emotionally significant, the more you have a clear understanding of 3. Normal brain does not remember everything it’s exposed to 4. Classes that bore you to tears – your trying to study for test – you don’t make a good grade, your brain is working exactly how it’s supposed ( it doesn’t excite you) a. Strategy to remember it better i. Visual ii. Cognitive iii. Emotional interest 5. Anxiety a. Is not allways on the scale of full blown f/flight b. Anxiety—stress reactions – on a continuum i. The day your supposed to give a speech 1. Not full blown flight/flight 2. On a level of the continuum 3. Limbic system – dumping – stress reaction 4. Alarms- instantly – recovery – takes much longer ii. Self medication 1. Drinks to deal with this stress 6. Human nervous system a. Prepheral nervous system i. Sensations come in up spinal colum, down to pull foot off nail b. Autonomic – asleep or awake, keeping you alive, keeping your temp reg.. metabolism from food to glucose ( working all the time in conjunction with the brain to keep you alive) i. What lights your fire – for flight or fight reaction ii. Sympathetic nervous system – when excite – thereat is passed parasympathetic is supposed to calm you down. iii. You have just infused you body with adrenalen, heart rate… 1. Stay in excited state if the threat doesn’t go away 2. GAD – excited stress state Stressed out = tired = irritable and unhappy Hypervidulence, cognitive… 3. Froid loves free floating anxiety – you don’t know why you feel this way 4. Anxiety d/o can kill you a. Heart disease i. Cardiomyopathy b. Eat more comfort ( high fat) c. Smoke more d. Drink more i. Lead to increase of other types of heart disease e. Stress causes heart attacks f. Build up in artery – strokes 7. Free floating hanging around then there is a panic attack a. Women go to mall, separated i. Woman has first panic attack ii. Sits down and is freaking out iii. Flight or fight iv. Your heart is beating hard 1. So freaked out, but knows it’s not a heart attack 2. Might take 20 min 3. Goes to see the doctor and he says she had a panic attack 4. She now associated the panic attack with mall ( classical- assoc learning) 5. Soccer field – attack – avoids 6. Dinner – avoids returaunt 7. Developing agoraphobia b/c of associative learning 8. GAD/ repeated panic attacks a. Prescribe medicine i. Zanx/valume- benzodiasapiens – they are addicting ii. They make you feel better but they wear off iii. More post- poning it then treating it, brain also builds tolerance iv. Antidepressant – better way to go b. Video – 25 min c. Phobias i. Agoraphobia ii. Social phobia – social anxiety d/o d. Specific i. Afraid of birds ii. Snakes iii. Terrified of rubberbands e. Doctor trainng – interview traing i. Uses rubber band and tugs at it, and woman who is afraid of it, interrupts the meetings and was like please up ii. She wants him to put it where you can’t see it ( phobia – irrational fear) iii. Stimulus – condom - ? iv. Scared to death of rubberbands 9. OCD a. In video b. Light switch c. d/o – can be devastatingly serious d. david – locked in parents bedroom, fear of going out 2/19 10. review anxiety d/o 11. ocd – dsm 5- stands alone now 12. ptsd, and acute stress d/o are now in 5 as stand alones a. both are certainly riddled with anxiety b. REVIEW free floating anxiety – cant pinpoint physiological and cognitive – worry symptoms can lead to ulcers, and bad behaviors like smoking and drinking how will med treat? Hand out prescriptions for benzos (benzodiazepines)( valume and zanx) Librium – was traq of choice in 50’s and 60’s ( mother’s little helper) Back then it was common to prescribe meth for weight loss Anti depressants- component to feel better If you feel better anxiety symptoms may lessen ( better choice not addicting like benzos) Panic D/o – miserable- benzo’s prescribed, regular use is a bad idea they build tolerance Zanx – PRN ( as needed) like for giving a speech at work Sysmtematic desenititation – 2/19/14 Microvalve prolapse – squeezes blood one vertical englagers and constricts The value b/w venticals is not shutting , other ventrical shuts and a little blood leaks back though And causes a heart murmur ( leakey valve) Oprah – microvalve prolapse – corrlates with microvalve prolapse Panic D/o - Delimina – psychological or biological underpinning Woman who went to mall/soccer field – has panic attacs in those places – related to agoraphobia 1. Phobias – we talked about specific a. Fear of dark, rubber bands 2. Social – social anxiety d/o 3. Agoraphobia – fear of openspaces or crowded spaces (agora – market place.. fear of market place) a. david – agoraphobia – bathroom living b. ptn – her parents cm in (70’s) mom started crying saying it’s her daughter said she lives in garage apt behind house, and said daughter won’t work tp bill is 65$ a month… she spends entire day wraping everything in tp. Twice a day. Daughter won’t leave the house i. ocd / agoraphobia? ii. 45 year old grown wwoman who allthoguh has ocd, she needs to decide to come in, she hasn’t be declare by law iii. Asked what would happen if you stoped feeding her and giving tp iv. Said she would get really mad… they could commit her at that point v. Ppl with ocd are very hard to treat c. Ocd slide i. Need to know for test ii. Obsessions are thoughs!! It’s running round and around in your brain like some stupid song stuck in you head iii. Like david or the guy who couldn’t touch door knob, and if he touches it he’ll get germs and It will kill you. iv. It’s irration thinking… that you would die from, but you are taught in school about germs v. Like phobia are irrational, most ocd is irrational vi. David – thinks ppl are contaminated, he knows it’s irrational but in his head, it’s contaminated vii. Compulsions = behaviors ( washing hands) viii. Obssions= thoughts ix. You need to understand defn and how applied…. d. Do you and I have OCD? i. Story about friends in Houston – swimming pool 1. His dad didn’t get much time off, go to visit these friends 2. Morning – dad says out by 630, everyone rushing around mom gets up and makes breakfast and coffee get in car by 930 dad nervous wreck, Get in station wagaon, and father would be quivering as the drive away, Says to wife are you sure you unplugged the coffee pot, oven… 4. Worried about coffe pot, iron …. ( in his head he is worried about house burning down) a. Obsessions b. So worried about house burning down… then did you giggle handle on toilet…. Water bill c. Dogs out? d. Move slower and slower, he would go back and check. e. Functional about it? Yes, you don’t want your house to burn down… f. We do things automatically, we lock the car… g. Going back to check things h. These rituals destroy their lives i. If he returns and iron is pluged in it re-enfocces the behavior j. If he returns and everything is ok, he feels better i. Negative re-enforcement ii. Anxiety reduction hypothesis – why these things come about iii. Superstition hypothesis – the idea that were taught about superstitions You spill salt at a hamburger place, you threw it on him so you wouldn’t have bad luck, and walk out into traffic to avoid walking under ladder (compulsion) to no have bad luck. Athleets have supersitions, holy socks. (BEHAVIORISM) k. Substion hypothesis –frodian- guy washes hands 100*, froid says it’s shame about masturbation. His unconscious comes out as fear of germs ( PSYCHOANALYSIS) l. Amigdala- hpa – frontal lobes (rationally interpret world) not happening = anxiety in person m. David – not all as sever as him, but the idea is simply that biologically something is out of wack ( kind of like major depression) it’s got uncontroable and miserable (that impt part) taken on sever bio proportions 5. Treatments a. True OCD, go straight for the medication b/c it’s very serious b. Anti-depressants i. b/c make you feel better c. anti-consultants i. tergrtol or Depakote ii. something is haywire in the brain, these are brain relaxers iii. in a seizure brain is rapidly firing ( that’s what these meds were org for) d. singular gyrus – singulatomy – ablation – hook up electrodes to it and scorch the gyrus i. only helps 50% e. psych- cog behavioral therapy – need to understand/ appeal to the person and get them to understand why it is so impt for them to comply. f. Exposure therapy – flooding g. needs to be convinced – david do you want to ruin you life, you need to come out and h. systematic desensitization – an inch closer then yesterday ( cheer on to get there) i. deep relaxation – see your self touching the door knob, your doing it in your mind, easier the envivo(in life) 6. ocd related d/o’s dissociative personality d/o… MPD previously OCD Hoarding disorder 1. people can’t help .. hoard, cats, garbage… stuff ‘collections” 2. has not been in book before now Trichotillomania 1. impulse to pull out ones hair 2. Women with bald spots. 3. Men could just shave head… 4. Need to feeling need to know 5. d/o – embarrassing d/o b/c of bald spots Excoriation 1. skin picking BDD – body dysmorphic disorder 1. See them selves with a distortion of body image 2. On or about the face Aneroxia nevosia • Still listed under eating d/o but has a quality – obsession with thinness • Compulsivle starves • Not labled as ocd Post tramatic stress d/o 1. Caused by a trauma 2. Rtn vet 3. Tramma of sexual assult 4. Car accident a. Flash backs b. Night mares c. Self medication a. Using drugs b. Alchol d. Ww2 came back fm war and were said to be “shell Shock” e. Ww1- battle fatigue a. Popularized afte
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