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Towson University
ANTH 207
Richard Mitchell

ANTH 207 Exam 3 Review Know the following definitions: Nuclear family- Agroup cosisting of one or two parents and dependent offspring Extended family- Two or more closely related nuclear families clustered together Conseguanal kin-family of blood relatives Afinal kin-- related through marriage Incest taboo- fathers making baby with daughter. Mother-son. Sister-brother Endogamy -marrying Inside group Exogamy - marrying outside Monogamy- marriage 1 spouse Polygamy-marriage with multiple spouses Polygyny- man marrying 2 or more women at same time Polyandry- woman marrying 2 or more men at same time Neolocality- household away from either husband or wives relatives Ambilocal locality-choosing matrilocal or patrilocal residence Kinship systems: Eskimo systems: identify mother,father,brother,sister, uncle, aunt, and cousin Hawaiian system- same sex same generation Crow system- female driven, high divorce easy Omaha system- male driven, low divorce impossible Bride price- money or valuables paid by groom to brides family Household- shelter, unit of production, distribution, consumption Open system- permit upward and downward mobility were open Closed system - institutional lim
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