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ANTH 207
Richard Mitchell

ANTH 207 Exam 1 Review Australopithecus A. Ramidus 4.4 mya & Bipedal • • A.Afarensis 3.1-3.9 mya slenderly built • A.Africanus 3 mya & front teeth where meat teeth • A. Robustus 2.3-1.2 mya & pointed head & vegetarian • A. Boisei 2.3-1.2 mya & pointed head & vegetarian Homo • H. Habilis (Early Homo) 2.5-2.6 mya & Handy Man. Luis Leeky • H. Erectus 2 mya & travels out ofAfrica • H. Sapiens Neanderthal 30k-125k ya • H.Sapiens Sapiens 45,000 ya & Got to new guini andAustralia Mousterian tool tradition-tool industry found among neanderthals during the middle paleolithic Oldawon tool tradition-The first stone tool industry at the start of the lower paleolithic Anthropology- the study of human kind in all times and places Ethnology- Study & analysis of different cultures from a historical & comparative view Ethnography- Detailed description of a particular culture based on field work Culture- Blue print for human adaptation Archeology- Study of human cultures through recovery analysis of material & environmental data Linguistics -Study of human language 4 fields- Physical (bio), archaeology, linguistic, cultural Adaptation- series of beneficial adjustments of organisms to their environment Enculturation- societies culture passed from one generation to the next Pluralistic societies - Society with 2 or more ethnic group that Tolerance each other Bipedalism- two footed walking on hind legs Oldawon tools- first stone tool industry Lithic technology- broad array of techniques and styles to produce usable tools from various types of stone. Homo sapiens - Us Vertebra- 24 bones that make up a spine Society- group of people that share the same culture, language, territory Primate- subgroup of mammals ex. monkeys Natural selection- Having best suited characteristics so you can survive & reproduce in your environment Evolution- changes in genetic make up of a population over generations Physical anthropology - systematic study of humans as biological organisms Symbo
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