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ANTH 207
Richard Mitchell

ANTH 207 Exam 2 Review ▯ Phonemes - smallest units of sound that can change meaning in a language Phonetics-description of distinctive speech sounds Phonology- study of language sound Morphology- study of rules of word formation Morphemes - smallest unit of sound that have meaning in language Bound morphemes-a sound or a combination of sounds that cannot stand alone as a word Free morphemes-morpheme that can stand alone as a word without another morpheme Syntax- sentence structure Grammar- rules of language Kinesics- body language, posture, facial expression Paralanguage- laughing, crying, noise wharf hypothesis- Think in certain language Glottochronology- when sounds change Core Vocabulary-the most basic and long lasting words in any language Linguistic Relativity- idea that distinction encoded in one language are unique to that language Code switching- speaking differently around different people Ethnolinguistics- studies the relationship between language and culture Language renewal programs are increasing In popularity Dependence training- tasks in reliance to domestic group Independence training- childrearing practices that foster independence Modal Personality- character traits that occur most frequently among a social group therefore represent a culture Ethnic Psychoses- mental disorder specific to particular ethnic group Core Values- Values promoted by a particular culture Subsistence- how we make a living from the land Food Foraging- hunting, fishing, and gathering wild plant foods Carrying Capacity- food to people ratio based on technology Hordaculturalism society-domestication of plants... empowers her Pastoralism- Breeding and herding animals, move around alot dont stay in one place. him Early plant domestication between Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn not on equator Economic system- organized arrangement for producing and distributing and consuming goods R
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