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BIOL 120
Christa R.Partain

Biology 120 Exam 1 Review Scientific Method Describe the characteristics of a scientific hypothesis. Must be testable & falsifiable What are the features of a controlled experiment? The control is the subject or group that is similar in every way to the experimental subject or group EXCEPT that the control does not get the experimental treatment. Distinguish between primary and secondary sources. Primary sources are a paper written by a scientist sent of to a journal Secondary sources are media reports in radio, news paper, magazines, tv Know the following terms & how they relate to the scientific method: Double-blind experiment- Limited knowledge of experimental hypothesis. No knowledge of which group Scientific theory- can explain how the participants belong to. natural world works and is well- Correlation studies- scientist can look at supported by observation and existing data and determine if their is a experiment. relationship or correlation b/w variables. Bias- to make sure a experiment is Does not signify causation. unbiased scientist use control Alternative hypotheses- differences b/w experiments groups. Statistical significance- result is very unlikely due to chance difference b/w the experimental and control groups... results likely represent a true difference. Water, Biochemistry, and Cells List the characteristics of life. Why is pH important for life? It measures the amount of H+ in a solution Describe the physical and chemical properties of water. What’s the difference between adhesion & cohesion? physical-liquid at room temp. they cohere and adhere. can dissolve other substances. Can hold a lot of heat. Expands when freezes less dance then liquid water Chemical- Adhesion- clings to many other substances, wetting them Cohesion- stick to each other, creates surface tension Describe carbohydrate structure(s) and function(s); Know the monomer & polymer Structure- CH2OH, look like a hectagon Function- Provide quick energy Monomer- Monosaccharide: glucose Polymer- Polysaccharides: starch, glycogen, cellulose, chitin Describe protein basic structure and function(s); Know the monomer & polymer Structure- Chains swirled together Function- Control cell processes, Speed life processes (enzymes) form structural parts of cells. Needs specific shape to function. transport lipids. Monomer- AminoAcids Polymer- Polypeptide Describe lipid structure(s) and function(s); Know the monomer & polymer Structure- Triglyceride has 3 fatty acid tails Cholesterol has 0 fatty acid tails Phospholipids have 2 fatty acid tails Function- build cells and hormones. Long term energy storage Monomer- Monoglyceride (one fatty acid chain) Polymer- Triglyceride, Steroids, Phospholipids Describe nucleic acid structure(s) and function(s); Know the monomer & polymer Structure-DNALadder RNAhalf a ladder in RNAinstead of T its U Function- Stores hereditary info from 1 generation to the next and transmits genetic info Monomer- Nucleotides AC G T (or U ) Polymer- NucleicAcid in DNA& RNA Describe the plasma membrane structure and function. Structure- composed of bilayer of phospholipids Function- Controls what substances go in and out of the cell What is Cell Theory? 1. All kn
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