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Criminal Justice
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CRMJ 375
Shawn Craig

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CRMJ 375 Criminal Investigations Final Exam ReviewWhat are the 4 major things an investigation1establish that a crime was actually committed and if so what crime2to apprehend suspect and identify3to recover stolen property4to assist in the prosecution of the person Escobedo v Illinoisadded more rights for the mirandaMichigan v MosleyUS supreme court terminating interrogation oncea suspect has invoked the right to remain silent When using a emotional approach in interrogation is thata good approach for rst time offender or serial burglar1st time offender Difference between polygraph and voice stress analyzervoice stress analyzer monitor your speech polygraph monitor your breathing sweatBest way to document an interview audibly and visually Exceptional clearance does not mean arrest was made two ways to clear by arrest or exceptional clearance ex dead murdererIf your giving a photo line up and 1 is your suspect who do you think should not be there to give line up primary investigator dont want to create more biasCrime analysis the use of systematic analytical methods to acquire timely and pertinent information on crime patters and trend correlations subdivided into administrative strategic and tactical analysis Criminal Proling the process of inferring distinctive personality characteristics of individuals responsible for committing crimesMitochondrial DNA DNA found in the mitochondria of a cell inherited only from the mother it thus serves as an identity marker for maternal relativesCODIS combined DNA Inde
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