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Family and Human Services
FMST 101
Andrew Quach

FMST 101 Spring 2014 Final Exam Study GuideChapter 13How The Economy Affects Families All of the slides1 Lowwage jobs Federal minimum wage is 725 Adjusted for inflation this is 18 lower than minimum wage 50 years ago Person working full time earns 145002 Nonstandard work hours More shift work weekends evenings and parttime work Most common among African Americans men and people in service occupations andor hospital agencies Greatest effect is on families and child carePovertyAbsolute poverty Not having enough to afford basic needs Generally US does not have absolute poverty because this would result in massive levels of deathRelative povertyNot having enough to maintain an average standard of livingPoverty line Minimum level of income necessary for basic subsidenceIn 2013 the poverty line for a family of four was 23500 Poverty line originally set based on cost of food needed to survive Does not include necessities such as housing and utilities More than 50 of American mothers with a child younger than 1 year workWork longer during pregnancy and return more quickly to work Mens participation in the workforce has gone down and womens has increased reduction in bluecollar and expansion of whitecollar jobs Moving jobs to international sites Gender equalizationCost of living More women in workforce results in increases in stayathome dads Dual EarnersDual Careers Dual Earnersboth partners work in positions that are paid hourly 55 of couples Despite dual incomes families may struggle financiallyDual Careers both partners work in professional or managerial positions salary based and requires extensive training or longterm commitment potential for career advancement and financial raises Considerable research shows that child rearing still based on gendered roles among these two family typesdesire to be gender neutral but usually does not happen women more likely to restrict or eliminate their work roles if household or family issues emerge Benefits and Costs of TwoIncome Families Standard of living increases Parents become positive role models for their children Children have higher levels of responsibilityIndependenceRole overload physical and mental problems less time to work on spousal relationshipsTrailing Spousespartner who gives up his or her job and searches for another position in the location where the spouse has taken a new job majority of trailing spouses are womenbenefit is that the main provider can increase his or her income and job opportunitiesthe trailing spouse can experience
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