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Towson University
Health Science
HLTH 220
Tracey Stakem

HLTH 220 FInal Exam Review Communicating about sex is harder than communicating about other topics because of the personal nature of the material and the subjectWhen discussing sex one way communication is ineffective because there is no dialogue or discussion of sex as one way communication is mostly information giving The two presidential commissions on pornography and obscenity found that there were not any short or long term negative effects associated with using material that is pornographic erotic or obsceneObscene materials meet three criteria the dominant theme had to appeal to a purely erotic interest in sexthe material had to be offensive to contemporary community standardsthe material had to be without serous literary artistic political or scientic value Erotic pornography is associated with love Pornography is associated with sexual desire When there is gray rape alcohol is usually involved consent is not knownSTD pathogen travel most effectively through blood and semen Epidemiological synergy means that there is an increased risk of getting and STD if you already have onePersonality is constantly evolving and is cumulative in nature In order to be reproductive ready you must be fertile and have the mature reproductive anatomy The difference between normal and abnormal sexual behavior is not always clear and easy to distinguish Women do not suffer from transvesti
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