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HLTH 220 Study Guide - Final Guide: Shock Absorber, Identity Disorder, Ovulation

Health Science
Course Code
HLTH 220
Tracey Stakem
Study Guide

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HLTH 220 FInal Exam Review !
-Communicating about sex is harder than communicating about other topics because of the
personal nature of the material and the subject!
-When discussing sex one way communication is ineffective because there is no dialogue or
discussion of sex as one way communication is mostly information giving !
-The two presidential commissions on pornography and obscenity found that there were not
any short or long term negative effects associated with using material that is pornographic,
erotic, or obscene!
-Obscene materials meet three criteria: !
-the dominant theme had to appeal to a purely erotic interest in sex!
-the material had to be offensive to contemporary community standards!
-the material had to be without serous literary, artistic, political or scientific value !
-Erotic pornography is associated with love !
-Pornography is associated with sexual desire !
-When there is gray rape alcohol is usually involved, consent is not known!
-STD pathogen travel most effectively through blood and semen !
-Epidemiological synergy means that there is an increased risk of getting and STD if you
already have one!
-Personality is constantly evolving and is cumulative in nature !
-In order to be reproductive ready you must be fertile and have the mature reproductive
anatomy !
-The difference between normal and abnormal sexual behavior is not always clear and easy to
distinguish !
-Women do not suffer from transvestic fetishism, only men!
-Transvestic fetishism is arousal from cross dressing !
-transgendered people have an appearance and behavior that does not conform to a societies
expectations for that sex!
-Gender Identity disorder is discomfort about ones biological sex and identification with
opposite sex !
-transexuals desire to have a sex change or have already had a sex change !
-psychosexual development is the process of becoming a sexual person !
-When determining sex if there is no TDF gene then the fetus will develop along female line
regardless of chromosomes !
-urine and semen pass through the urethra !
-Holistic health is the process of moving toward optimal functioning across the dimensions of
-Being a person with a disability does not mean you are asexual!
-you can still have sex!
-you can find different way, like oral!
-Sexuality does not exist solely in ourselves !
-You must be able to identify available resources and strategies to enable the highest level of
functioning possible to achieve optimal sexual health !
-Gender dysphoria is when you are discontent with your biological sex or gender role !
-The life of an egg does not occur during fertilization, it occurs during months 3 and 7 during
-Fertilization occurs in the fallopian tubes !
-The placenta acts as an organ of interchange between the fetus and the mother !
-Amniotic fluid acts as a liquid shock absorber, keeps fetus warm, allows for movement !
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