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SOCI 101
Edith Brotman

SOCI 101 FINAL EXAM REVIEW Comte coined the Term sociologyFounding fathers of sociology Durkheim Marx WeberSocial trends that contributed to birth of sociology urbanization enlightenment and industrialization How the social trends influenced the emergences of sociologyUrbanization moving from rural areas to inner cities created segregation and stratification There was an increase in crime poverty and urbanizationEnlightenment people started to doubt religion which were the rulesreasons people lived byIndustrialization use of machinery to make things easier and quickerHerbert spencer embraced the idea on social DarwinismSurvival of the Fittest Herbert Spencer In any society there is structural movement in which the best will rise to the top and worst will remain at the bottom Sociology TheoriesConflict Theory Marx Have vs Have Nots and power equal money There will always be conflict between the rich and the poor The wealthy want to maintain their wealth and the poor want some of the wealthStructuralFunctionalist Durkheim social solidarity how much stability and connection support people feel to each other The social structures that we have in society are the way they are because they are the most functional and best for stabilitySocial Power Webersocial power has three sources class status and partyClassMoney Statussocial esteem Partypolitical Weber believed in value free sociology understanding the world for what it is and not what you want it to beScientific Method1Identify general topicquestion 2Review Literature 3Formulate testable hypothesis 4Select Research designASurvey research
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