BIO-0007 Study Guide - Comprehensive Midterm Guide: Environmental Science, Rain Shadow, Environmental Law

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10 sessions are mandatory out of 12 total. U can challenge grade through a letter o. Environmental biology: a study of how the natural world works & how we affect it. Environment = all things around us that we interact with. Slow for most of civilization: humans lived a hunter gatherer lifestyle not conducive to mass population growth. Agricultural revolution caused population boom in 18th-19th centuries. Population growth must be controlled so humans do not outstrip food production. Tragedy of the commons: no incentive to care leads to unregulated exploitation. Hawaii just became one of the usa"s largest conservation areas, but people like fishermen who depended on its resources are negatively impacted by its new conservation rules. Anthropocentrism: only humans have rights: human-centric viewpoint. Biocentrism - certain living things also have rights. Ecocentrism - whole ecological system has value. 2 theories for its peoples" demise o o. Theory 1: people caused their own demise with deforestation.