CH-0001- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 161 pages long!)

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Topics: principles of public health and science (1-9, public health issues (10-17, public health and health care (18-21, overarching issues in public health (22-24) Participation: class (5%, recitation (15%, see guidelines on the recitation tab on trunk, public health issue statement (35%, due october 25th, 2017, public health in the community (15%, due november 20, 2017. Couse logistics: matthew. chenoweth@tufts. edu (administrative issues, allen: fridays 10am 1pm, stransky: wednesdays, 1-3 pm, chenoweth: thursdays, 10-1 pm. Increase in airborne illnesses (close proximity: contaminated water, damaged infrastructure access to hospitals, stores, pharmacies. Injuries and accesses: loss of medical informatics/records, cost of hc services, consumables, water and food. What work force/ services are available: ten essential public health services (not to memorize, to understand and utilize, mobilize community. Informatics: surveillance, monitor health, diagnose and investigate. Inform, education empower: public health core sciences, prevention effectiveness, epidemiology, laboratory, upstream and downstream approaches, the prevention parable- there is a stream where people are drowning.