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Environmental issues- key topic, especially global: drought in california, australia, zika in africa, south america, europe- diseases, storms, forest fires, *check out slide 3 to see some examples. Study on us senators on twitter- massive divergence between parties (what they follow often reflects how they will vote/ what they support: help us make educated voting decisions based on party system (this goes larger than science) Class information: lectures should be available the night before (if not earlier, slides are only supplementary, learning catalytic- form of attendance, prof colvard office- dana 304- tuesdays/ fridays right after the lectures. Second grouping- the role of humans, global challenges. Environmental biology- the study of how the natural world works and how our environment affects us, and how we affect our environment. Humans and the environment: we are a part of it, we depend on it for survival, our high dependence has led to environmental degradation (and sometimes positive effects)

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