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Embedded in language, it enables those who subscribe to it to interpret bits of information and put them together into coherent stories or accounts. Discourses construct meanings and relationships, helping to define common sense and legitimate knowledge. Each discourse rests on assumptions, judgments, and contentions that provide the (cid:271)asi(cid:272) ter(cid:373)s for a(cid:374)al(cid:455)sis. de(cid:271)ates, agree(cid:373)e(cid:374)ts, a(cid:374)d disagree(cid:373)e(cid:374)ts. (cid:863) (cid:894)dr(cid:455)zek. 2005: 9: dr(cid:455)sek(cid:859)s dis(cid:272)ourse, shared way of apprehending the world, *importance of language, lakoff discourse, *importance of language foundation for a comprehensive idea. 10/28 international environmental actors and stakeholders: nation state. Intergovernmental organizations: organizations formed by member states in order to achieve general/ specific purposes, they can take initiatives and influence outcomes on global issues. + access to genetic resources: ozone secretariat- conducts public reach activities for world ozone day. +education: climate secretariat- manages information on climate change (official documents + data, cites secretariat- trains wildlife enforcement officers.

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